KFC or Popeyes?

Some people think KFC is better than Popeyes. Many people favor their contribution of grilled chicken, an item Popeyes does not have.kfc-grilled KFC is also relatively cheaper than Popeyes, allowing people to buy more food for a cheaper price.  KFC also has many
promotions that people find interesting.



This seems to happen because KFC has more locations than Popeyes. There are over 19,000 KFC locations while Popeyes only have around 2,000 locations.People tend to see more KFC advertisements on TV than Popeyes.


photo Mike Mozart 2014 © (cc by 2.0)



photo Mike Mozart 2014 (cc by 2.0)






However, I believe Popeyes is better than KFC. When ordering chicken from Popeyes, their is a choice between mild or spicy (something KFC doesn’t offer.popeyes When eating the chicken, it is generally crunchier and less greasy. There is more variety in sides when ordering from Popeyes. The sides that KFC does not offer include jambalaya, onion rings, Cajun fries, red beans and rice, Cajun rice, and corn on the cob.sig sidesd.PNG

But I know regardless of my opinion, people’s mindset will not change due t1024px-KFC_logo.svg.pngo their strong love of KFC. Many love KFC for their wide variety of food on their menu. People across the world recognize KFC’s iconic logo. A lot of people will argue with my opinion of the Popeyes’ sides tasting better, saying the biscuits at Popeyes are far drier than the ones served at KFC.

Even so, I will always choose Popeyes over KFC. I believe that the spices on the breading of the chicken make it tastier to eat. I also like how Popeyes serves their chicken in a box with holes, allowing the steam to get out, preventing the chicken from getting soggy.popeyes-spicebox-chicken-02 In contrast, KFC places their chicken in a bucket, mare_hot-bucket-1383642887 making the bottom pieces of the chicken soft. In addition, the chicken tastes far more moist than the ones served at KFC.


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