Puffle Ice Cream

One day I would like to try puffle ice cream. Puffle ice cream is ice cream in an egg waffle cone. Egg waffles, or as many people call it, “egg puffs”, are a common street snack in Hong Kong.


Egg Waffles


Cauldron Ice Cream, located in Santa Ana, CA, is the first to serve this. They specialize in making puffle ice cream along with liquid nitrogen made ice cream.


Employees making the ice cream.

Served with homemade ice cream, it is a delicious snack for people of all ages.The ice cream can also be made into a rose, making it visually appealing.

tumblr_o19m6dvc6w1qfqb8so1_500 sub-buzz-6358-1485798027-1

In addition, you could also add toppings such as sprinkles, cereal, syrup, etc. You can choose between red velvet waffles, or regular.

capture 24085256382_30e5c2db6a_b

I stumbled upon this unique dessert on social media and haven’t stopped thinking about it since then. I would love to try this since I’m a big fan of sweets, especially ice cream. According to others who have tried itthe place lives up to the hype. Hopefully, one day, I can fulfill my wish of trying this. 






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