The Many Ways to Eat Sushi

Sushi  has been a food craze for quite some time now but recently, people have started to change up ways to eat it. Including the original components of sushi, people have started to present it in creative ways.

Here are some sushi creations:

Sushi Donut

A sushi donut consists of the normal components of sushi simply in a donut shape. Stores like Project Poke in Orange County, CA add fillings in the donut such as avocado and adding toppings, making it both visually pleasing and delicious.

Sushi Burrito

The seaweed in a sushi burrito replaces the tortilla used in the traditional burrito. All the toppings are conveniently located in a burrito so you can eat it on the go. Sushi burritos are extremely popular and can be found in restaurants from California to New York.

Sushi Burger

The “buns” on a sushi burger is actually rice and the inside is a combination of toppings like fish, avocado, etc. You can find the sushi burger at Roppongi Asian Tapas Bar & Sushi in Hollywood, CA.

Sushi Taco

The tortilla in sushi tacos are replaced by either rice or seaweed. The restaurant Tail and Fin in Las Vegas, NV sells sushi tacos as appetizers.

Many are big fans of these unique sushi creations but some beg to differ. Would you ever try these hybrids of sushi?


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