Healthy Ice Cream?

The other day, I was walking through the ice cream aisle at Stater Brothers and saw ice cream that was Image result for arctic zero vanilla mapleadvertised to be only 150 calories per pint. I was perplexed because a normal pint of ice cream would be almost 300 calories for only one serving out of four servings, totalingImage result for ben and jerry's pint vanilla calories in over 1,000 calories per pint. The low calorie Arctic Zero ice cream had no fat at all compared to the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream which had 16 grams of total fat.

I was curious and wanted to see how the Artic Zero ice cream would taste like so I bought the cookie shake and cake batter flavor.

Image result for arctic zero cake batter

When I came home, I immediately grabbed the ice cream and started to eat the cake batter flavor. When I first tasted the ice cream, it was really bad like someone had poured lots of water into the batch of ice cream. I wasn’t expecting it to taste as good as normal ice cream since it had no fat at all. But as I had more scoops, my taste buds adapted and it didn’t taste as bad anymore but I wouldn’t purchase it again.

The cookie shake flavor was a lot better than the cake batter flavor and I actually bought it once more. I liked that the flavor was light and not overwhelming. It tasted more like coffee than cookies and cream though.

Overall, It was interesting to taste the Artic Zero ice cream. Next time, I would like to try the Halo Top ice cream which is also “healthy” but tastes more like real ice cream according to others.



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